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Our Programs...

Youth Development

*Provide a natural working environment – with gentle natured horses – for youth to gain:
confidence, improve their mood, and reduce self-doubt, anxiety, and sadness.

*Learn how to manage human feelings and emotions, employ self-control, and utilize coping strategies to pass that calmness to the horses.

*Identify and follow clear rules and goals

Prop 64 Education

*One hour of every session focuses on AOD *Prevention/Intervention/Education

*Peer support for working on/toward sobriety

*Distribute outreach materials and create dialog with community members

JJ's Crew

*One hour sessions for individuals with intellectual disabilities who receive services from CVRC
*Assisted horseback riding lessons
*Adaptive ranch chores

*Call for more information

Youth Outreach and Enrichment

*Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
*Gain a better understanding on how to make constructive changes

*Form meaningful relationships with others

*Develop a deeper understanding of social justice

*Gain a sense of individual effectiveness

*Recognize the need for involvement

Team Building  Staff Development

*All Day or 4 hour session (lunch options)

*Learn to ride

*Develop communication & leadership on horseback

*Focus on social & nonverbal cues

*Facilitate positive reinforcement
* Adaptive ranch choreson AOD

*Various activities:

    -Team Sorting

    -Obstacle Course

    -Tractor Blindfold

    -Horse lunging

*Call for more information

Junior Foreman

*Mentorship training

*Develop communication skills

*Create a post high school graduation plan

*Help facilitate Ranch programs through volunteerism

Field Trips

*Half or Day Trips (lunch options)

*Look at a day at the Ranch
*Horseback rides

*Ranch activities

*Call for more information

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